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Wedgwood "Dysart" Green Portland Vase


Code: J22195

A rare, Wedgwood, dark green jasper dip model of the Portland vase. This colour green, which is also known as “Dysart” green after the Earl of Dysart fore whom it was developed, was only produced in small quantities between 1906 and 1912. There was a problem with something in the pigment which resulted in the white reliefs often breaking away from the body of the pot. This made the production of the colour economically unviable and also makes pieces in good condition hard to find. To find the Portland vase in this colour is most uncommon. This example is marled ‘WEDGWOOD ENGLAND” and it dates from c.1910. The colour of the dip glaze is rich and deep and the reliefs are all still well attached. The piece is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Height 17.4cm. Width 13.2cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K., shipping to the U.S.A. and most of Western Europe.