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Large, Peugeot Coffee Mill


Code: J22085

A large, 19th century, French, cast iron coffee mill made by Peugeot. This is marked, in the casting, “PEUGEOT FRERES BREVETES SGDG”  and it dates from c.1860. Peugeot started a foundry in the 1820’s making pepper mills and in the 1850’s they expanded and started the manufacture of coffee mills. This is one of the earliest forms of coffee mill made by them. It was not until the early 1900’s that they started to produce cars.

This is an excellent example, with a cast iron body and large wheel, a brass cover and wooden draw. In the image it is sitting on a wooden block which is needed to keep the wheel above table height so that it will turn. It would also need to be on the edge of a work top to enable the handle to turn. There is a little rust on the wheel, where the enamel has been chipped during use, but otherwise it is in excellent condition, with good enamelling to the interior, and it is in full working order.

Dimensions: Height 51cm. Overall length including the handle 50.5cm. Diameter of wheel 40cm. 

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