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Wedgwood Green Jasper Biscuit Barrel

£395.00 Approx $488.86, €458.77

Code: J22606

A fabulous, Wedgwood, green jasper dip biscuit barrel. This is a most unusual shape for a biscuit barrel and the design was originally commissioned, from Wedgwood, by Huntley and Palmer, the English biscuit making company. Sometimes these biscuit barrels are impressed with the name Huntley & Palmer but this one is simply impressed ‘WEDGWOOD ENGLAND’ and it dates from c.1900. It is decorated, in white relief, with a band of classical figures offering sacrifices. Above this are garlands of flowers hanging from roundels and these reliefs are replicated on the lid. There are various other intricate border reliefs. All of the reliefs are very detailed and extremely good quality. Both the pot and cover are in excellent condition.
Dimensions: Height 20cm. Diameter 15cm. Width 17.2cm.
Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £20. Most of Western Europe add £10.